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Who did so?
The Recidivist took to calling me Doggie doo-doo. Richard Closed the thread where he and Robert Edwards were having a go at me by saying The Recidivist had a file on me, knew all my personal details and knew my "psychiatric records". They had apparently had a phone conversation about me in this vein. This has become a particularly unpleasant habit a few them get into by referring to me as a certain South African woman they are trying to associate me with. It is very trying and has been the source of abusive commentary for some time on the BNP thread. I am not this woman but this hasn't deterred them, and does not deter them from insulting me with suggestions I am insane and that everything I say about myself is just a fantasy I have woven for a life on the net. I think the problem is that this woman married a black man at some stage in her life and because of this they have associated her with me so they can find an excuse for attacking me. They seem to think if they push the agenda that she is Dee-Dee on this forum they can abuse me as a race mixer when the entire thing is a fiction and I am not this woman. Now about five of them constantly refer to me as "Doo-Doo". And I cannot shift them from this mad conviction that I am someone else.