From the official website:

UKIP’s latest high profile candidate is Lord Pearson’s wife, Lady Caroline Pearson of Rannoch – an appointment that will add a whole new dimension to the media’s interest in the leaders’ wives.

Unveiling the new candidate for Kensington at the official manifesto launch in Westminster, Lord Pearson gave out copies of his wife’s election address, in which she says she is standing in memory of her father, who resigned from the Tory party in 1992 over the Maastricht Treaty.

“During the war, his regiment lost 600 men in the desert,” Lady Pearson says, recalling how he walked out of the Tory party in disgust at the way it supported the creation of the European Union.

“I remember him saying: ‘They did not die for this’,” she explains in her address to her constituents. “So I am standing in memory of my father and of the freedoms which his generation gave us, which we must take back.”

The assembled press were also introduced to some of UKIP’s other high-profile candidates including the former Tory MP Christopher Gill, standing in Ludlow; boxing promoter Frank Maloney, standing against BNP leader Nick Griffin in Barking and Jasna Badzak, a former Serbian refugee standing in Westminster North.

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