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Thread: New youth ambassador for taunton deane

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    Default New youth ambassador for taunton deane

    Just before half term the Taunton Deane Chairman had a phone call from a 14 year old Taunton School pupil, Colin Cortbus. He explained that he was about to start his Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (DofE) work, and that for one of the elements he would like to work for UKIP.

    Colin met with the Committee, told them a little about himself and outlined the requirements of the DofE scheme. His idea was to work for UKIP for the 12 week period of the ‘service’ section, with particular emphasis on trying to stimulate greater interest in UKIP among young people in the constituency.

    He is a lively speaker, well-informed, well-read and politically aware, and so impressed the committee that they decided unanimously to co-opt Colin as the Taunton Deane UKIP constituency’s Youth Ambassador for the 12 week period of his DofE award work.

    One hour a week does not seem much time to attack such an ambitious aim, but Colin has already spent an hour in the wind an rain distributing UKIP material in Taunton's High Street, and has come up with an idea for a leaflet.

    Good Luck Colin !, This again shows that Young Independence, the youth wing for the party, is recruiting more and more bright, intelligent young people. Young people who understand and are attracted by UKIP's global outlook compared to the outdated, backwards thinking of European federalism.

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    This use of under 18 year olds comes across as very desperate stuff. Similar to the dying days of other failed regimes. The party is facing an election disaster and this is all the activity amounts to today?

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    Good idea! Brent had some kids study the EU as part of their Gold award package...

    Duke of Edinburgh award

    Highlights of this year's programme include the gold members' trip to Brussels to explore European politics.


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