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Thread: UKIP: Marta on The Record Europe

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    Default UKIP: Marta on The Record Europe

    From the official website:

    UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen features again this week on BBC's The Record: Europe, shown several times over the next few days.
    You can catch it on:
    BBC World News (Brussels and rest of Europe)
    Saturday 06:30 CET, Sunday 06:30 CET
    BBC News channel (UK)
    Monday 05:30 BST
    BBC Parliament (UK)
    Saturday 23:00 BST, Sunday 17:00 BST, Monday 11:00 BST
    A link to the programme in full will be accessible from late on Monday on the BBC website for one week at: Click on the box under 'Highlights' entitled 'Record Europe'.


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    If I am correct, doesn't a new Plenary Session of the EU Parliament commence on 21st May 2012, and prior to that date those whose wish to change their 'parliamentary grouping' would have been expected to have made that known by yesterday? Can we assume that those, with the benefit of reflection, who do not like sitting with some 'pretty raw specimens of humanity' will take this opportunity to desert them; and can we expect them to be named very shortly?


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