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Thread: UKIP: Swindon Independent adds to UKIP ranks

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    Default UKIP: Swindon Independent adds to UKIP ranks

    From the official website:

    Councillor John Short, who sits as an Independent on Swindon Borough Council, has joined UKIP with immediate effect.
    John was elected as a Conservative councillor in 2006, but has since become disillusioned with the Conservative Party locally and nationally.

    He left the Conservatives and became an Independent but has now joined UKIP.

    Councillor Short represents Highworth Ward and holds a number of positions on Swindon Borough Council including Chair of the Appeals Committee.

    Councillor Short said: "The Conservative faction of Swindon Borough Council are not listening to the people they are supposed to represent.

    "Development of the town centre is taking an age and not enough thought has been put into it.

    "The building of a new school at the Croft site in Old Town is going ahead despite concerns and objections from local residents.

    "I have joined UKIP as they believe in putting people first, not politics.

    "Conservative-controlled Swindon Borough Council behave in a haphazard fashion and are letting many down in the local community."

    Cllr Short was also critical of Conservative Party national policies.

    These include the party's obsession with foreign aid and a defence strategy that has left the armed forces with little resource or equipment.

    Commenting on Cllr Short joining UKIP, William Dartmouth MEP, one of UKIP's South West MEPs, said: "I am delighted that a man of such great experience has decided to join us. His move shows that UKIP are a growing force in local politics.

    "Across the country we are seeing good sensible men and women coming to the conclusion that the powers that be no longer care about the ordinary working men and women of Britain.

    "In UKIP we are about aspiration, meritocracy and getting the government, local, national and international, off the backs of the people."


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    More welcoming news for the Party.

    Defections to UKIP for the month of March are as follows:

    Roger Helmer MEP
    Alexandra Swann (Former Deputy Chairman of Conservative Future)
    Cllr Lister Wilson
    Cllr Catherine Bursnall
    Cllr Tom Bursnall
    Cllr Christopher Quinton
    Cllr John Short
    UKIP, Britain's fourth largest political party.

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    It's an impressive number of defections. Hopefully UKIP can retain these people, historically that does not seem to have been the norm. I also hope the party puts in enough effort to help these courageous councillors retain their seats.

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