From the official website:

Christopher Quinton, a councillor for Woodcote on South Oxfordshire District Council, has resigned from the Conservative Party in order to join UKIP.
He stated that Conservative moves to secularise Britain had gone too far, particularly after Downing Street had announced that it wanted to see the legalisation of gay marriages enacted by 2015. He was also infuriated by the debate being opened to ban people from wearing crosses and crucifixes to work.

Cllr Quinton, pictured right, said: "This is not the Conservative Party I joined 26 years ago and I became increasingly disillusioned about the direction it was heading, so I started having a closer look at UKIP. I was astonished to see that it has the widest range of policies of any British political party, and these completely mirror my own thinking and beliefs. Now, I feel comfortable and at peace that I have made the right decision."

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage, said: "I am delighted that Christopher has joined us today. He is an example of the hard working, entrepreneurial centre ground of Britain. That people of his calibre are joining us in increasing numbers sends a clear message to the powers that be. No longer can they continue to ignore people's hopes and ambitions."

Christopher Quinton, 63, is a former Treasurer for the Henley Constituency and is a past Deputy-President of the British Chambers of Commerce. In recent years he financed the design, development and testing of a non-invasive sleep-aid. It is manufactured in the United Kingdom, and he is very proud that it is being made in Britain.

He is married to Carol and has four adult children.