Coventry Socialist Party councillor Dave Nellist is campaigning against education cuts and tuition fees. Dave launched a petition in October which calls on Coventry council to demand the reinstatement of EMA student payments.

With hundreds of signatures, the petition has forced the council to meet with Dave and local Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ) campaigners. The petition was presented by Dave Nellist and local YFJ organiser Jethro Waldron.

Dave said: "Young people haven't caused the banking crisis. Instead of spending billions of pounds to bail out the banking system, we should be creating jobs and homes for all, putting the millions before the millionaires. All three major parties tolerate poverty such as this, because to really change it would mean challenging the big business interests in whose favour the country is run."

The council was forced to agree to help host a meeting with YFJ and city youth campaigns, trade unions, college and university student unions and sixth form representatives.

This meeting will discuss a strategy to campaign against the tripling of students' fees, axing of EMA and to fight for jobs for the city's young people.