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Thread: The anti-EU population of Britain: are British critics of the EU bigoted ‘Little Engl

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    Default The anti-EU population of Britain: are British critics of the EU bigoted ‘Little Engl

    Saw this excellent video which gives a snapshot of working class folk in London and what they think about the EU. Interestingly, most are anti-EU, not because they have a problem with the idea of Europe or other Europeans in their countries, but because they are deeply concerned about the EU’s anti-democratic tendencies so explicitly played out in the draconian packages now meted out on Greece, Ireland and Portugal. In other words, they believe in democracy. What I also thought was quite interesting is that the few who were pro-EU amongst the interviewees, were themselves very anti-democratic and have a very low opinion of the population. Almost sounded like mouthpieces for EU propaganda!

    What do others think? Should we even care that the EU is so blatantly unconcerned about democracy given bigger things might be at stake such as the global economic position of Europe, or should we stick up for democracy and the sovereignty of nations?

    WORLDbytes – The School of Citizen TV » The View On The Streets: The European Union

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    We are anti-EU patriots.

    We are fighting a pro-EU liberal ruling elite.

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    Most of the British population are anti-eu so does that mean we are all little englanders? what about the welsh and scottish and northern irish that are opposed to the eu? what nickname do you give them?????????


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