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I have always said a referendum is a bad idea. We have a parliamentary democracy, so the referendum will be the next election. This is the best system, and the reason it is the best is because holding referendums all the time has the unintended consequence that it puts the politicians in constant election mode. When they spend all their time campaigning then they don't have any time for doing the job they had been elected to do.

Furthermore it becomes a kind of populist government, and that is an extremely bad thing. You saw the case of Emma West. The popular demand was that she should be shot. Now say anyone could call a referendum at any time with enough votes. We would have the worst laws you could possibly imagine. Take the case Sarah Payne and the subsequent law, known as Sarah’s law, if you want a real life example of how bad laws can be. It turns into a kind of mob rule, or to use another name for it, what you are talking of is Marxism, and this is where you have the People’s Republic of wherever. It was demonstrated that Marxism was particularly bad in the time of Stalin. Stalin rose to power much like Hitler did. These dictators us the basest emotions of the human psyche to rouse up the crowds and get a kind of fake democratic legitimacy.

Now in the case of a referendum on EU matters it makes the job of the government a far more difficult one. The government knows it has to deliver or it won’t win the next election. It knows it has to deal with the EU and the EU is a serious threat. What we are involved with here is a complex diplomatic game of fast-moving chess. It is well above the minds of the dumbed down electorate. We have to play this game with the utmost stealth because when have some pretty sharp opponents. That means the public won’t get a say on every move, and indeed moves have to be made on the spot often and with a degree of secrecy as well. All we should be concerned about is that Cameron is going to play the game to the best of his ability and deliver for our country. This looks likely now. Cameron wants to get control of our borders back in his next move. If he achieves this then he is home and dry. OK there are a lot of other powers we want back, but control of our borders is a huge one. If he can at least get that under his belt by the time of the next election then people will know he means business. So far so good. I would expect that if all else fails there is a good chance the government will get us out in the end. Opinion polls are good enough to gauge what the public wants and his veto scored over 70% approval for those who knew whether it was good or bad, but then a large number didn't know, which tends to strengthen the above argument. Only 19% were actually against it.
There are so many democratic flaws and suppositions in that post defending the withholding of democracy that I'm not going to waste my time in detailed engagement with it. Suffice it to say, if the dumbed down electorate are deemed aware enough to cast a vote in GEs, then they are also aware enough to vote in referenda.

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A vote for the tri-partite elected dictatorship, the LibLabCon, the self authorised troika, is a vote for the EU.