Action now.

  1. PatQ
    Any suggestions on how we beat them out of existance ?
  2. michael
    Hi, I believe the first step really is to stop the anti-fascist groups from victimising them, actions like those on the news recently where anti-fascist groups start throwing eggs, beating them with signs and kicking their cars actually has the effect of creating sympathy for them and, it makes them look moderate and it gets them publicity on the news!
    The second step is to take them head on in political debates. The argument has to be fought now while it can still be won. Once enough people have been indoctrinated, reason will no longer be able to sway their views. Their ideas are fascist and, economically speaking socialist, if political parties actually debated these issues with them, it would not be difficult to expose the weaknesses of their arguments.
    Finally, the political parties need to find some strong policies to combat them with.
  3. PatQ
    I agree we should set an example, I know people are disgusted by them but we must hold our nerve and defeat them democraticaly through dialogue. Maybe parties should use them as a campaign feature with adverts displaying what awful policies they have and show them in a bad light, every person knows evil when they see it, this would disuade many a voter once they see thier true colours and not the fictitious good old Britain they push out to the vulnerable public who will sleep walk into dictatorship as they base their ideology on Nazi Values. Also you are right that we must have sound policies to crush them.
  4. michael
    Yes, one other thing I was considering was that it doesn't do the main parties any good to call them racists or fascists. This isn't because they're not, but simply because it is very difficult to point your finger at a man and call him racist when he's said that he isn't. The BNP are doing a very clever job of appearing moderate, therefore, it must be purely policies that we fight them with, we must convince people simply that their ideas won't work.
  5. PatQ
    Racism is a tricky one when accusing someone or a party as well practiced in spin as the BNP as they manage to push out some extreme views and still get people onboard, the way forward really is for the main parties to start listening to the fundemental reasons why the BNP has got a foot in the door and that is immigration. The main parties have the public believe its taboo to mention it for fear of themselves being labled racist when all they want to do is talk about it. I have no doubt that the public want it to be more difficult to get into the country but under no circumstances do I think that the general public want a ban on the free movement of peoples but just better controlled. What do you think.
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